Damage Rats Cause in Attics

For most people, the attic has become nothing more than a storage area. Most people put their old newspaper clippings, clothing, blankets, or other memorabilia that they would like to keep, but simply don't have enough room for in the main part of their house. Because they know that this is an area where few people go, it becomes the perfect location to protect valuables while not having to worry about anybody rummaging through them. While no person may get into them, there is someone who may consider this the perfect material to build a home or nest with. We are talking about the rat, and this is just one of the problems you may have if you have these critters inside your attic.

Rats in the Attic – Oh My!
There are many problems with having rats inside your attic. Let's start with the biggest one of all. Rats are prolific breeders. This means that a pair of rats can become dozens or hundreds within one calendar year. Think about all of these animals scurrying around your house, leaving their waste behind everywhere they go. This includes in your attic. No doubt it would be a disgusting mess in a very short period of time. Then you have the concern about what they will tear apart. Rats will see your old newspaper clippings and clothing as the perfect material to build a nest. They want to keep their babies warm, and your old sweater, dress, or important articles about yourself would make for the perfect materials. Maybe you have an old dresser or cabinet you have put in the attic. Think about what a great home that would make as well. If you aren't storing materials like this in your attic, your installation can work just as well. Don't think the rats won't tear that apart to build themselves nests. Then there are the other problems you have with rats. These animals need to chew on things to strengthen their teeth. The boards to your home could make the perfect material for them to chew on. They could cause a significant amount of damage to the structure of your house, especially if you are facing a larger colony in your attic. Rats will also chew on electrical wiring. The outer coating of the wiring, usually made of a hard rubber or plastic, makes for the perfect material for a rat to chew on. This will help to strengthen its teeth. It also could lead to a short in the wiring in your house, maybe even causing a fire.

Take Action Quickly
It is for reasons like this that if you have rats in your home you need to take action right away. They can create an absolute disaster in your attic area, especially if they have been there for quite a while. You may not even know they have been there for months if you don't frequently visit this room. So, inspections need to be a regular part of your home maintenance.

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